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Mature Design and Development Practices


Whether your project requires real-time distributed computing solutions, stabilized weapon controls systems, embedded training solutions, custom IPC Class III back-planes and circuit boards,  high fidelity systems modeling and simulation, modular aircraft / ship tactical hardware, automated validation tools, or another custom hardware or software applications, HART Technologies can provide the technical solution.

Mature Process

office1HART Technologies methods and standards align with the framework and best practices defined by CMMI-DEV Version 1.3 and ISO 9001:2008 and have been reviewed and reviewed over hundreds of project cycles to optimize the product mission effectiveness with minimizing project uncertainty and risk. HART's approach to engineering is tightly focused on the early identification and management of the requirements and risk, rapid prototyping of key design elements, continuous review and feedback as the design matures, and ending with comprehensive testing and verification.

Applying this model, we can accelerate the schedule and reduce risk by integrating and testing hardware and software components early in a virtual real-time environment which allows us to readily assess and validate design concepts and system performance with minimal dependency on physical hardware and external interfaces. The process is continuously repeated and refined as we spiral in on successively larger and more complex evolutions of the components into a proven functional product.

At HART, typical task increments are completed in days and weeks, not months.